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Welcome to my shop and Prettyeastvan design. This is East Van fashion, and I am an aboriginal, mother of two and a college grad who has always cared that fashion includes everyone.

My journey into the fashion business began in the postal code of Main and Hastings. At the beginning of the pandemic, I created and donated masks for vulnerable people who had no access to this protection. Seeing people wear the masks I designed made me proud. I decided it was time to step back into the world of fashion that I had grown up loving.

Being a sole provider pushes me to work three times as hard and to give my best, as this is not only for me but my daughters and their future. They feel a part of this business too.

Love Always, 


The Prettyeastvan Mission

PrettyEastvan clothing brand is not only a clothing line, it's a unparalleled experience.  We have revolutionalized the market by delivering messages that embodie cultural appreciation on high quality shirts backed by swift processing and shipping times 



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